On the Record

“This story you are about to see is true; only the names have been
changed to protect the innocent.” – Dragnet


A. I don’t know how I can answer the question. Am I aware of something that I am not aware of?

Q. Are you aware of – yes. And that’s a pretty simple question.

MR. JOHNSON: Object to the form of that question.


Q. Do you ever eat? Do you eat during your meal break?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. What do you eat?

A. Whatever I want. I mean, it’s just whatever. Just…

Q. Now, I want to tell you something. I went to law school for three years and I’ve been practicing for a long time so that I can ask you these questions.

A. That’s fine. But I eat whatever I want. Whatever I want, I eat it.

Q. All right. Let me –

MS. SMITH: Do you need some more coffee, Scott?


Q. And when did you marry?

A. April – actually, April 29th or 27th.

Q. Of this year?

A. Yes.

Q. Have you been married before?

A. Yes, ma’am.

Q. And who were you married to before?

A. Oh, I even forgot her name.



Q. Tell the jury what a suture is.

A. A stitch.

Q. How big a stitch?

A. Well, it depends. They come in various sizes.

Q. Are they as big as shoelaces?

A. No.

Q. Are they – tell me how they are in regard to a fishing twine or something like that.

A. Well, what size fishing twine?

Q. Well, I’m talking about for – well, you tell me.

A. Well, you tell me.


A. He shot himself in the chest with a .22, I think. Now, that’s – well, now, did Aunt Laura discuss that with us? Well, certainly not. She wouldn’t.

Q. And so how did you learn that?

A. I am not sure, but it was probably through Aunt Lucille. Like I say, Aunt Lucille, picture her as a second mother.

Q. Was he suffering from depression or do you know? I mean, maybe that’s an obvious question. But do you know what exactly would lead him to do that?


Q. How long do you walk when you do walk?

A. Well, with the dog smelling everything, it takes about a half an hour. Normally, it would take about 15 – 10 to 15 minutes.


A. There’s an anthropometric range of values that’s really 5 to 6 percent, somewhere in that order, of body weight. And Ms. Alvin, based on her body size, she thought her head weighed 10 pounds, as she told me. But she’s too small. A 10 pound head weight is the average adult. She’s not the average adult. So I backed away from that number and I believe I used a 6.7 pound weight in calculating the value of her head.

Q. Is that just an estimate?

A. Yes. Because she wouldn’t let me cut her head off
and weigh it.

Q. Fair enough.


THE HEARING OFFICER: But you are no longer in the hot seat, so to speak.

THE WITNESS: It is getting really hot.


Q. So for the immediately preceding — or the last 12 years you worked at that company — or 11 1/2 years, I guess. Wait. Hold on. My math is way off. For the last 15 years you worked at that company, you were at the Delta mine?

A. I’m assuming your math is correct.

Q. That’s not necessarily a safe assumption, I’ll tell you.

MR. TAYLOR: That’s why he went to law school.


Q. So you have some paperwork at home about that?

A. I can find it. I’ll tell you, we’ve moved and moved boxes around. My wife did me a favor of cleaning my desk up when I was out of town last year. Who knows. But I can try to find something.

Q. Mine does the same thing, but it’s normally my checking account.


Q. Have you signed on to any other debt for your son, other than this car lease?

A. No.

Q. Has he asked you to?

A. He got my wife to sign for a van for him. And when he come up late on it, I repossessed it. We solved that problem.

Q. That’ll teach him not to do that.

A. And I instructed her that she would be a single woman if she ever signed for any of my kids again.

Q. And that’ll be the last.


THE WITNESS: And then there are a couple of slides on what everybody has been referring to as the west side of the property.


THE WITNESS: Excuse me.


THE WITNESS: I just said, “Excuse me.”

THE HEARING OFFICER: I thought that was Mr. Robins.


THE HEARING OFFICER: I was waiting for an objection. Mr. Robins, I thought you were going to object to my question.

MR. ROBINS: No, I wouldn’t dare do that. That would be a big boo-boo.


Q. Are you related to Mr. Harrison by either blood or marriage?

A . We have common uncles and aunts. We are not related by blood. My aunt married his uncle. Figure that one out, sir? It is Kentucky. It is legal.

Q. Isn’t it all?


(Interruption by cell phone)

THE WITNESS: Sorry. I thought that was off. Sorry. It is my mother.

MR. BRYANT: Do you want to take the call?

THE WITNESS: She has a lifeline, and that’s the only reason that –

MR. BRYANT: That is a dangerous question. Do you want to take her call?

THE WITNESS: No. I have another brother that’s on standby.

MR. BRYANT: You should probably designate the portion where he refuses to take his mom’s call as confidential.

THE WITNESS: Yeah, you don’t tell mom that.

MR. BRYANT: I’m sorry. We are still on the record.